Alex T.

Migraine Management

Patient Background:


Alex T.


Chronic migraines.

Duration of Pain:

2-3 migraines per week.

Treatment Approach

Alex received a comprehensive assessment at Pulse Pain Relief, including a thorough examination of triggers and lifestyle factors. The treatment plan included a combination of acupuncture, pulse therapy, and lifestyle modifications.

Over the course of eight sessions, Alex's migraine frequency reduced to once a month. The intensity of the migraines also decreased significantly. Pulse Pain Relief's integrative approach not only addressed the immediate symptoms but also focused on long-term prevention, empowering Alex to regain control over his life.


What our clients say

Kevin D.

Age 38

I was skeptical about trying something new for my shoulder pain, but the results have been remarkable. The personalized care and state-of-the-art technology at Pulse have made all the difference. I'm now able to enjoy activities I thought I'd have to give up.

Linda S.

Age 34

As someone who prefers natural treatments, I was thrilled to discover Pulse. It's been amazing for my arthritis pain. The team is so caring and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a drug-free pain relief method.

Maria G.

Age 39

After my knee surgery, I struggled with persistent pain until I found Pulse. Their Pulse Pain Therapy worked wonders for me. The treatments are quick, painless, and incredibly effective. It's been a game-changer in my recovery process!

James T.

Age 45

I've had chronic back pain for years and tried everything. Since starting with Pulse Pain Relief, I've finally found relief. The staff are so knowledgeable and really care about my progress. I can't thank them enough for giving me my mobility back

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